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Pricing and Delivery

All our pre-written reports cost $4.00 per page.
Downloaded reports are in Microsoft Word format.

Custom Research

If you do not find a report that meets your needs we can write reports to your specifications. Custom reports commonly cost between $25.00 and $35.00 per page. The cost depends on the nature of the research and your time limitations.

Sophisticated Analysis Provided

Research Assistance can help you with your thesis or dissertation. We can first create proposal ideas through the illumination of important research issues within most topic areas. We can then provide you with a thorough literature review that can be used as the foundation for specific research questions or hypotheses.


Research Assistance also offers:

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I really do appreciate Research Assistance. I'm not a good writer and the service really gets me going in the right direction. The staff gets back to me quickly with any concerns that I might have and they are always on time. Thanks a million for your excellent service.